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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Playground Movement 3 - Swings

This is the is the third movement of a three movement composition for Drei Bones ( a trombone trio) called Playground by Sy Brandon. The title "Swings" is a double entendre representing the playground swing and a swing style of music.

After a brief two measure introduction, the swing representations begin. In the first movement, I used ups and downs to represented the seesaw. This movement also has ups and downs, but I also ask the musicians to set up so that he first and second trombone are on opposite sides of the stage with the bass trombone in the middle. For the recording that you will hear, I create this effect through panning. This adds the dimension of side to side as well as up and down, therefore representing a swing.

I create variety in this movement through tonality shifts, dynamics, and rhythm and meter changes. The texture is often monophonic as one descending swinging line gives way to another ascending swinging line. Sometimes the bass trombone emphasizes the bottom of the arc or harmonizes the ascending or descending line.  At measure 25 and again at measure 60, each trombone is its own complete swing but the entrances are offset by two beats creating a canon. Picture three swings out of sync with each other during this section. The introductory idea is used and developed for transitions and an ending.

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