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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Lan Na Thai - Comments from Andy Wen

I thought I'd share the comments I received from Andy Wen, for whom Lan Na Thai is composed. Andy said that saxophonists prefer contemporary music to be written without key signatures and prefer sharps over flats because being an Eb instrument, they are more used to sharps that flats. This is because Eb instruments remove 3 flats or add 3 sharps to the key signature (or a combination of the above) so they more often play with sharps than flats. For example, if the concert key is C, transposing for an Eb instrument puts them in A or 3 sharps. So after I carefully formatted the piece using key signatures, I removed the key signatures and made some of the flat notes there enharmonic sharp equivalent. Fortunately the page turns worked in the spots I had before even with the addition of all the accidentals.

During the next month or so, I'll be working on arranging for orchestra the winning songs in the York Symphony Song writing competition. Songs is probably not the correct word as the winning compositions are more than melodies, they are complete pieces within themselves. There are two winners in the elementary category, two in the middle school category, and one in the high school category. I am amazed at the level of creativity and craftmanship exhibited by these young composers. I may also try to compose something of my own during this time. If I do, I'll be reporting on it here.

Thank you to Carlton for his comment regarding Lan Na Thai. As always, I appreciate any comments from my readers.

I wish all my readers a blessed and peaceful holiday season.

Dr. B

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