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Friday, December 18, 2009

Arizona Centennial Commission

I just received word that I won the Arizona Centennial Commission's Composition Commission to write a new band composition to celebrate Arizona's 100th Anniversary in 2012. The piece is to made available to high schools, colleges/universities, community bands, and professional/semi-professional ensembles throughout the state, so I should get many performances. In addition, I will receive $5,000! I was selected out of the many Arizona composers who applied for this project, so the competition was stiff. The judges were professional musicians and conductors from Arizona. I will be working on the piece during the first part of 2010 as it needs to be completed by June.

The piece that I envision writing, would be a five-minute composition called “Arizona Centennial Overture”, celebrating the various cultures that make Arizona a unique blend of old and new. Sections of the overture would depict the indigenous cultures, the Spanish and Mexican heritage, the early pioneers, and finally, the recent diverse population growth.

I am also excited because I should get some good publicity and recognition as a composer in my new home state that may lead to other opportunities. I am humbled and thankful for this opportunity.

May my readers be blessed with a joyous holiday season and a wonderful 2010.

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