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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Odds and Ends

There are times when a composer does a lot of other things other than compose and this is one of those times. Since completing "Arizona Centennial Overture", one of the things I have been doing is transcribing some of my brass quintet and trio arrangements for woodwind quintet and trio. I feel there is a call for this repertoire and for the most part, these works adapt fairly easily. I also have been taking a transcription I made of Dvorak's five-movement Serenade for Strings for tuba/euphonium ensemble and converting it for brass quintet and then eventually woodwind quintet. This project is more difficult because I originally condensed the ranges to fit the tuba/euphonium ensemble and now I need to expand them.

Another project I am working on is adapting some of the duet compositions and arrangements I made for oboe and tuba, so that my wife and I have something to play together, so they can be played by any instrument. This has been a challenge because it is difficult to fit all the various ranges with one version. I am still working on how to do this without changing the sound of what I originally conceived. It is a work in progress and I'll let you know how I solve the problem if and when I do.

I find that my arrangements sell better than my compositions and it is through those sales that I am able to support the other projects my publishing and recording companies are involved in. I enjoy arranging and it is often a mental break from composing because I need to hold less in my head during the process.

I am still tidying up and adding things to my revised website. About two months ago, I moved by site to hostbaby which is connected to cdbaby and is designed with musicians in mind. Through this site, I am able to send html emails to my mailing list which contains over 500 names an easily target the subscribers by their areas of interest. I also get to list my CDs at cdbaby for free so it has turned out to be a real bargain as well as a convenience. If you haven't visited my website to see my creative marketing ideas, go to  http://www.cooppress.net

As you can see, a composer often spends much time doing things other than composing. One must be creative in finding ways to distinguish themselves and must also be aggressive in marketing. I strongly urge all musicians to purchase and read David Cutler's book "The Savvy Musician". This book has been the driving force behind my recent efforts in marketing my compositions and arrangements.

Please let me know if any of these ideas are useful to you.

Dr. B

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