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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Funtasies Movement 2

The second movement is now called "Whimsical" instead of "Innocent" as originally planned.  The use of the 5/4 meter and the playfulness of the lines makes the movement more whimsical than innocent.

This movement was almost complete when I was writing "Funtasies" for clarinet and piano so the transition to tenor saxophone and piano was not difficult. The form of the movement is ABA'. I added a eight measures to the B section as I felt it climaxed too soon, otherwise it is similar in form to the Kaleidoscope duet for flute and clarinet. The A sections are more complex than its flute and clarinet cousin due to the addition of another line in the left hand of the piano and for harmony. Parts of the B section also have added lines and harmony.

Measure 36 ushers in the B section. I particularly like how the phrases start diatonic and end up chromatic. Each phrase adds tension as they lead up to the climax at measures 65 and 66 where the instruments burst out into uncontrolled laughter.

I am now using flip pdf technology for the musical examples that go along with my posts. It uses Flash Player that most browsers come with. You will be hearing an mp3 of sampled sounds playing the music and you will see the score at the same time. You will need to turn the pages by clicking on the arrows at the appropriate time. To see and hear what I have discussed, go to http://www.cooppress.net/funtasies_blog.html.

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