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Friday, November 15, 2013

Bandscapes Movements 2 and 3

Since my last post, I am pleased to welcome two additional bands as part of the consortium: Rotterdam Town Band Schenectady, NY Mark Eiser, Conductor and the Gulf Coast Concert Band Pasadena, TX Ben Butler II, Conductor. That makes a total so far of 15. Other bands are still welcome to join and you can be part of the dedication page and receive score and parts for just $50.

The second movement is Flute Fandango. Here is the poem:

The highest woodwinds lead the parade.
The piercing piccolo and fluttering flutes.
Metal descendants from wooden roots.

Blown like a Coke bottle
Keys fingered full throttle.
They dance with dexterity
With Spanish celerity.

The Fandango is a Spanish dance in 3 with rapid passages. It also uses a rhythmic pattern that accents beat 3 in the first measure and beat 2 in the second measure. The percussion begin this movement with that pattern in the tambourine that is reinforced by the timpani, bass drum and a bass line. The flutes and piccolo play the melodic material. It is possible to do this movement with three flutes if a piccolo is not available. Muted brass add to the Spanish color and a bit of imitation of a short motive involves some of the rest of the band near the end. 

The third movement is an Ode to the Oboe. Here is the poem:

Most woodwinds make sound with a single reed
A thin strip of wood that vibrates indeed
The oboe has two, laid back to back
That sounds like a duck, ready to quack.

When placed in a hole at the top of a tube
The quack mellows out and certainly soothes
We pay tribute to the oboe with a lyrical song
Touching the heart where emotions belong.

The first oboe is featured and the second oboe has some fills that are cued in the alto saxophone part if no second oboe is present. It is a lyrical piece in 6/8 with lush harmony. The full band gets to shine for two measures at the climax of the movement towards the middle. 

I use flip pdf technology for the musical examples that go along with my posts. It uses Flash Player that most browsers come with. You will be hearing an mp3 of sampled sounds playing the music and you will see the score at the same time. You will need to turn the pages by clicking on the arrows at the appropriate time and you can use the zoom in feature to see more detail on larger scores. To see and hear what I have discussed, go to http://www.cooppress.net/Bandscapes_blog.html.

Please read earlier posts for information about earlier movements. As always, your comments are appreciated.

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