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I have created this site in order to provide performers, listeners and composers with a description of a composer's experiences with the creative process. The posts will provide discussions of the inspirations, challenges, and successes of a composer from the inception of the piece to the culmination in performance. I will provide a link to where you can see and hear the works in progress. Comments and questions are always welcomed. They will not posted unless you grant me permission.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Intermezzi for Euphonium and Piano Movement 1

This is the first movement of a composition for euphonium and piano at a college level. It is being composed through a commissioning consortium where each participant pays a small fee that is refundable and receives score and parts, local premiere rights and an inclusion in the dedication. For more information about the consortium, please visit http://www.cooppress.net/page9/page385/index.htmlhttp://www.cooppress.net/page9/page385/index.html

I am doing something that I can't recall ever doing before while composing this piece. I am working on two compositions simultaneously. In addition to this composition, I am working on a concerto for two tubas and piano. The two pieces are in a very different style and because of this, I don't anticipate having a problem. I plan to complete a movement of one piece and then do a movement of the other piece and will be blogging about them as they get completed.

The composition for euphonium piano is a series of intermezzi in a third stream style. Third Stream is a combination of classical and jazz elements. This first intermezzi used lush jazz harmony like major 7th chords and 9th chords and also wonders around chromatically. The euphonium line is very lyrical and sounds improvisitory, almost like a jazz ballad. The form is ABA with B being a cadenza for euphonium. The second A has some slight variation from the first.

I export my Sibelius Music Notation file as a movie (new to version 7.5). I also use Noteperformer software for the sounds. These are sample sounds, but the software also includes an algorithm that reads ahead in the music and phrases the music according to context, therefore making the realization closer to live performance. I  upload these videos to youtube and embed the video for each movement. I hope that this technology allows the reader to have an easier experience and a more realistic performance. To see and hear what I have discussed, go to http://www.cooppress.net/Intermezzi_blog.html

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