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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Sonatina for any brass or woodwind instrument - Movement 2

This is the second movement of an unaccompanied sonata is being composed for a commissioning consortium where participants contribute a small amount to make the piece happen. While this version is for euphonium, I will be creating a version for each participant's instrument. For more information, visit http://cooppress.net

The form of this movement is a simple A (M. 1-21) B (M. 22-33) A (M. 34-end). It is very lyrical with sliding tonality, in other words, a phrase in one key slips into another key through the use of chromaticism.

I was influenced by a technique used by Fred L. Clinard in his Sonata fro Unaccompanied Euphonium.  In one of the fast movements, he clearly incorporates two distinct lines, a melodic line and an accompaniment line. My 2nd movement begins with an introduction of 3 measures that I call the accompaniment line. The melodic line then begins on beat two of measure 4. Whenever the melodic line feels like it should come to a sustained note, I insert part of the accompaniment line instead of sustaining the note. An example of this is in measure 5. I offset these two lines using dynamics to further distinguish between the two lines. This technique is used throughout the movement and adds variety to the texture.

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