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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Alabama Songbook Suite Movement 7

This is the seventh movement of a multi-movement composition that I am writing for Jeremy Crawford. It is based on selections from The Alabama Songbook compiled by Byron Arnold. This movement is called "Jesus Goin' to Make Up My Dyin' Bed".

The 5/4 meter is one of the things that attracted me to this song. The song first appears with the melody in the tuba. The piano plays a simple accompaniment during the chorus and a chromatic bass line is added during the verse. Measures 9-16 has the tuba playing the melody up an octave and the piano doing an arpeggiated accompaniment during the chorus and a similar accompaniment to measures 5-8 during the verse. The difference is the piano right hand being up an octave.

Measures 18-26 uses the motive from measure 3 of the chorus to build a development-like section that modulates frequently and uses chromaticism. This wild section tapers down in measure 26 and the verse returns in the piano at measure 27. A quiet statement of the chorus completes the movement.

Below is a video of the score that uses sampled sounds. Your comments are always appreciated.

Dr. B

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