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Thursday, September 6, 2007

Poem 3 verse 4 & 5

My setting of "Annabel Lee" is moving towards its climax. After creating the melodic line for verse 4, I went about finding a suitable accompaniment. I was hearing a low clarinet color and created a one measure figure that grew out of the first three notes of the vocal melody (measure 56). Even though this idea came after I created the vocal line, the listener actually first hears this anticipating the vocal melody. Tension in this section is definitely building. I aid this along by using my "wind" motif that brought the chill to Annabel Lee (running 16th note scale) in the piano left hand, once in the piano right hand, and finally in the clarinet at the climax (measure 63). I continue the tension by doing the exact opposite of what I was doing before. Instead of loud and busy, I used soft staccato notes sparsely in the piano and in a repeated pattern in the flute. This gives the impression of quiet seething. This section climaxes suddenly on the words "Yes! that was the reason" with a sudden forte in the voice and the re-entry of the clarinet on a rapid figure at a loud dynamic. This will set up my treatment of the end of the poem, which be discussed in future posts as it occurs.

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