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I have created this site in order to provide performers, listeners and composers with a description of a composer's experiences with the creative process. The posts will provide discussions of the inspirations, challenges, and successes of a composer from the inception of the piece to the culmination in performance. I will provide a link to where you can see and hear the works in progress. Comments and questions are always welcomed. They will not posted unless you grant me permission.

Friday, July 24, 2009

I'm Back Composing Again

Hello again to all my readers. I have now completed my move to Arizona and we have set up our new home and music publishing and recording business. Everything took longer than expected, but it is nice to be settled and we are enjoying being in the southwest.

I am now back composing. I am currently working on two projects. The first is a new concerto for alto saxophone and band for my former colleague, Dr. Andy Wen. Andy premiered my Lan Na Thai for Alto Saxophone and Pre-recorded sounds at the world Saxophone Congress in Thailand during July. The second project is a reworking of an orchestral piece of mine called "Legacy" for the award-winning chamber music group enhaké. The group consists of clarinet, violin, cello and piano.

This is the first time I have worked on two projects simultaneously. But since one of these is more arranging than composing, it should go smoothly. I'll be reporting on my progress with the saxophone concerto and linking to where you can see and hear this progress. As usual, I welcome your comments.

Dr. B

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hedgehog said...

Welcome to the neighborhood!
Can't wait for cooler temps, meaning open windows, to hear a tuba composition.
Heman & Elfriede
(just started that recently)