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Friday, March 14, 2014

Neverland for Woodwind Quintet Movements 2 and 3

These two short movements adapted very well for the woodwind quintet. Movement 2 is Tinkerbell and is a light 6/8 dance with lots of trills to represented her fluttering of wings. The form is ABAB with a short coda. The 9/8 at measure 24 provides a break in the regular rhythm and in the phrasing.

Movement 3 is Flying to Neverland. It is also in 6/8 but at a much faster tempo than movement 2. The melodic material is very chromatic as well as outlining an augmented triad. The harmony uses all four triadic structures however the augmented triad dominates. I like the augmented triad for this movement because it is restless. But unlike a diminished triad, this triad wants to expand outward rather than inward, making it perfect for flying to a different world. There is a lot of counterpoint to represented Peter as the leader teaching the Darling children to fly. Contrary motion is frequently used that adds to the chaos of children learning to fly.

I export my Sibelius Music Notation file as a movie (new to version 7.5). I also use Noteperformer software for the sounds. These are sample sounds, but the software also includes an algorithm that reads ahead in the music and phrases the music according to context, therefore making the realization closer to live performance. I  upload these videos to youtube and embed the video after the poetry for each movement. I hope that this technology allows the reader to have an easier experience and a more realistic performance. To see and hear what I have discussed, go to http://www.cooppress.net/Neverland_WW5_blog.html.
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