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Friday, July 12, 2013

Modern Jazz Suite Movement 3

Before I discuss this movement, I want to tell you about a website that has helped me greatly in composing for the guitar. It comes out of Indiana University and is called Instrument Studies for the Eyes and Ears http://www.music.indiana.edu/department/composition/isfee/ Most instruments are represented here and it demonstrates and shows the various playing techniques used by those instruments and how to notate the effects. Thank you Indiana University for this valuable resource.

The third movement is titled "Third Stream," which is a style of jazz that marries classical and jazz elements. This is a Lento movement and it is designed to be played straight instead with a swing feel. Therefore the style of playing is more classical than jazz. However, there is a large use of blue notes and jazz sounding chords that flavor it with jazz characteristics.

Once again, the form is quite free where the ideas develop and repeat as needed. The rehearsal numbers delineate the sections of ABCA'B'A'DA''. Variations are achieved through instrumentation changes, melodic elaboration, fragmentation of sections, and tonal shifts. The guitar uses harmonics, slurs, arpeggios, and single melodic lines to achieve a variety of tone color and texture.

I am now using flip pdf technology for the musical examples that go along with my posts. It uses Flash Player that most browsers come with. You will be hearing an mp3 of sampled sounds playing the music and you will see the score at the same time. You will need to turn the pages by clicking on the arrows at the appropriate time. To see and hear what I have discussed, go to http://www.cooppress.net/modern_jazz_suite_blog.html.

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