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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Performer and Composer Partnerships

As a composer and performer, I am very concerned about the gap that exists between today’s composers and the rest of the musical community, whether they are performers or listeners. One way to help bridge this gap is for composers and performers to work together to create win-win opportunities. I have done this throughout my career from both the composer and performer end and continue to do so through my publishing company, Co-op Press.

The purpose of my publishing company is to partner with performers to serve their needs. To this end, we have created numerous opportunities that we feel serve the needs of performers at various levels of accomplishment. Accomplished musicians at any level can apply for our Commission Assistance Grant or our Fund Raising Program. Accomplished musicians at an advanced level can apply for our Recording Assistance Grant or to become part of our Performing Partner Program. If you perform with groups of unusual instrumentation, we can often adapt our chamber music selections to fit your instrumentation. We offer some free music at our website as well as a free guide to practicing. Right now, if your sign up for our mailing list, we are offering a free copy of my Holiday Etudes/Duets that contains original pieces that celebrate various holidays throughout the year. All of our profits go into supporting these programs. We are always looking for ways we can better serve the performer, so any ideas are welcomed. Please visit my website at http://cooppress.net for more information on any of these programs.

I encourage other composers and performers to be creative in working together where the exchange of money is not the primary criteria.

Dr. B

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