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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Selecting the poems

Today I selected 10 poems that appealed to me from the volume mentioned yesterday and from another anthology, "Poems That Live Forever" selected by Hazel Fellerman. I then narrowed the 10 down to 4; Robert Frost - The Road Not Taken, Walt Whitman - Captain, O Captain, Edgar Allen Poe - Annabelle Lee, and Ella Wilcox - Solitude. These poems seem to be the appropriate length and are contrasting enough to provide variety. The challenge of having audience participation is not clear to me at this time nor is the order of the poems. I had a thought the audience might do some sound effects in appropriate places as well as recite some of the lines. I am looking forward to getting started on these but it may not occur until next week as I am still busy formatting parts. By the way, I use Sibelius 5 software. While I'm formatting parts, I am using the new "insert cue" function. It is neat but it does strange things like when inserting a cue in an F Horn part, it transposes the cue up a fifth. The cues are being used to help the musicians find their entrances rather than to cover missing parts so transposing actually makes the cues harder to read. I have to transpose them back to concert pitch manually. I'm sure this funstion will improve in the future. My hope is that by inserting cues, both the reading and performance will be better.

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